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Managed Print Services

  Benefits of a Managed Print Environment

An MPS solution provides our customer’s a method to simplify the demands of their print fleet. Daisy I.T.’s MPS solution will monitor and manage your fleet providing you significant advantages and cost savings. Generally, companies reap the following benefits when changing from a typical print environment to a managed print environment:

  Printing Costs Become Known

In a managed environment, all costs of printing are rolled up into one invoice that can be allocated by printer or cost center. All costs are visible and become transparent to the business.

  Print Devices and Page Volumes — Known & Managed

In your managed print environment you will know exactly how many devices are being utilized and the page volume produced on each device. This knowledge gives you the ability to align print device capabilities with actual print volume and user needs.

  Print Job Routing

Is used to balance the output load across the fleet to keep devices from being under or over utilized, as well as to reduce the TCO for the fleet by setting rules for users to enforce printing best practices such as duplex printing, responsible use of color, etc.

  Brands and Providers are Consolidated

Over time, in a managed print environment, centralized purchasing practices result in consolidation of the devices to a single make/model. Vendors consolidate as well, most often to a single preferred support and service provider.

  Employee Involvement Significantly Reduced

Employee involvement in the support and management of your print environment is significantly reduced freeing up their time to handle and deal with other essential duties. Supplies ordering tasks are eliminated, help-desk calls reduced or eliminated, vendors and vendor invoices are reduced.

  MPS Benefits Your Entire Business:

Managing your print environment from a centralized position means all print-related purchasing decisions will consider the needs of the entire business, reducing technology redundancy and ensuring better utilization of existing resources.  

Daisyeco and OEMs:

Daisy will work with you to provide a solution that utilizes Daisyeco and/or OEM product so you have the highest quality prints for the best value.

with Daisy I.T., MPS Makes Perfect Sense

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